The West Gate Tunnel Project, which is due to open in 2022, has many extra spin-offs that will make getting around even easier for future residents of Live City.

This includes the creation of more than 14 km of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths, such as a 2.5 km bicycle ‘super highway’ providing an express route straight to the CBD.

The elevated veloway along Footscray Road will be completely separated from traffic and feature two emergency exits, lighting and CCTV coverage for additional safety.

It will also be 4 metres wide to allow plenty of room for the growing number of riders who will commute and space to stop for a rest or change a tyre.

Existing walking and cycle paths along Footscray Road will still be an alternative option and get fresh new landscaping.

The West Gate Tunnel Project will also slash the number of trucks on inner west roads by around 9,000 improving travel times, safety and air quality while reducing noise.

With the first stage of Live City due to be completed within weeks, find out more about this impressive development reshaping the heart of Footscray. Enquire here or visit the Live City display suite at 124-188 Ballarat Road, Footscray, open from 11am to 4pm daily.