At Live City in Footscray, eligible new R&F Property Australia customers have the opportunity to save on one year of mortgage repayments.

But the offer is available to anyone who purchases an apartment in either development before August 31, so don’t delay!

Here are just a few of the ways you could use all the savings.


Indulge in all new furniture

It’s everyone’s dream to move into a brand new home and also be able to afford to indulge in brand new furniture to match.

With your mortgage paid for a year, you can head out to your favourite furniture or homewares store and splurge on a new bedroom suite, luxurious dining table, leather sofa and more!


Upgrade your appliances

Is the size of your TV just not cutting it anymore? When you save on one year of mortgage repayments you could afford to upgrade your TV and enjoy that home cinema feeling.

Maybe your washing machine and fridge are in need of maintenance but you’d much rather spend your savings on brand new models with impressive features. Now is the perfect time!


Invest in storage solutions

Every girl dreams of their perfect walk in robe with endless amounts of storage for handbags, shoes, jewellery and everyone in between.

When you save big on your first year of mortgage repayments, you could take this opportunity to buy all those clever storage boxes and baskets that perfectly suit your new bedroom.

Not only will your new storage look amazing, it’ll also save you time when tidying up the house.


Hire an interior designer

If you’re looking for new and unique ways to style your new home, an interior designer can provide you with just the solutions you’re looking for.

An interior designer can help to make each space more functional while carefully selecting decorative items that suit your style and needs. They can also give advice on any future home modifications you may want to consider.


Upgrade the car

What better way to arrive at your brand new apartment than in a matching new car!

Why not take the old model and the money you’ll save on your mortgage, to the new car showroom and grab an end-of-financial-year deal.


Get organised for your next trip

Holidays have been hard to come by with the current travel restrictions, but they won’t last forever so start planning your next getaway.

Tourism operators around Australia are offering great deals now if you travel within your home state or put those extra savings aside until your dream holiday location is open again. You’ve earned it!


Buy a second property

Okay, so we know that saving on one year of mortgage alone isn’t enough to buy a second property but it will put you in a better financial position to purchase an investment property.

With interest rates at an all time low, purchasing a second property may be more affordable than you think!

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