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Moving into a new home is already exciting but imagine how much more exciting it would be if your friends also moved in next door and you got rewarded for it?! With R&F Property Australia’s Refer a Friend offer, when you refer a friend, cousin, colleague, great uncle or anyone
After spending 20 years living in a large family home, followed by another 10 years in a 3-bedroom multi-level townhouse, Sylvia and Richard decided it was time to leave the empty nest in search of a low-maintenance alternative. With the family all grown up, the new Live City residents decided
Elfy - Live City resident

26 July 2020


It’s not every day that you hear a story like Elfy’s. Born and raised in The Netherlands, Elfy has spent the past decade living in China with her husband and two children. Working as a musician in China, Elfy and her family always wanted a change of lifestyle. After a
Ramsey - Live City first home buyer
Melbourne software and IT professional, Ramsey Samad, knows all too well how difficult it can be to sift through hundreds of apartment listings online when looking for to buy your first home. After renting an apartment in Doncaster, Ramsey decided it was time to save his pennies and look for
At Live City in Footscray, eligible new R&F Property Australia customers have the opportunity to save on one year of mortgage repayments. But the offer is available to anyone who purchases an apartment in either development before August 31, so don’t delay! Here are just a few of the ways
Combined with record low interest rates and Footscray’s unparalleled value for money, the dream of owning a brand new home is within reach. It also means there has never been a better time to immerse yourself in an outstanding new inner-west Melbourne lifestyle. What’s more, the first stage of Live
Celebrating built communities across Australia’s cities, showcase developments with architecturally designed dwellings that enhance the cities in which they are created and the lives of the people who inhabit there. Highlighting the high-quality interiors throughout each apartment and communal areas, the video tour takes us through every aspect
They chose Live City because of its ideal location in the heart of it all, its close proximity to the CBD, and because they loved the layout of their brand new home. The pair have taken a 12-month lease on their two-bedroom, third-floor apartment while they find their bearings in
Apartment living is becoming increasingly popular with people seeking low-maintenance lifestyles with access to outstanding facilities and everything they need at their doorstep. When you are considering purchasing an apartment, however, you should also be thinking about how well it will appeal to other buyers in 5 to 10 years’
Moving from Sydney to Melbourne in 2019 for work, Bertin was renting an apartment in Port Melbourne for nine months before he decided to buy his new apartment at Live City in Footscray. After spending some time in Melbourne, Bertin decided that he would buy an apartment, instead of renting,